Stay strong Virat Kohli ! Stay strong Rohit Sharma !…. Stay strong men in blues!…

The thirty-six-year-old right-handed opener hastily finished the handshake and ran towards the stairs. The dam does not obey the tears. But, captains don’t want to collapse like this!….. The man ran towards the dressing room before disappearing and “he” was caught by the camera!…… Kanaghusho will be the man of the series. A tired hand reaches out to the newly world-winning captain of the opposing team. Then, after exchanging two words with his IPL teammate Watson, he ran towards that staircase. He raised his hands and lowered his hat to hide his eyes. …..As if asking himself to wait a little longer … least until the door of that dressing room!
The coach followed as soon as he broke the stairs. Right after him, Iyer, Shami … Siraj who broke down in tears in the middle of the field and Bumrah, Suryara who took him lovingly.
Behind lies the world’s largest cricket ground….and the silent blue sea standing in glistening mourning across its gallery! Left behind the smoke of firecrackers that covered the sky in the name of someone else……. the roar of twenty yellow jerseys…. and the sadness of a few hundred thousand sighs!
We were left behind ….. behind the curtain … Forgetting to eat and drink, without being able to enjoy the mood of the upcoming festival, a few crores of madmen who suddenly lost everything!
Four years will be delirious again. Then I will hope again. The stage will change. The party will change. The face will change. Still, we’ll have a place. we will stay Only, the captain who was wasted for the team without thinking about himself will be replaced, and the king who has become steel after burning in many battles. On whose head the crown rose …. The sword of the hand went …. In whose name the throne was decorated …. Not only the kingdom was won!
B: I know everyone’s heart is broken today. However, we did not break like them! How much they broke, we can’t even imagine!….
The boys entered the field today with high hopes. Be by their side.

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